Vocal V Tool Extension  (includes chain tool).

Vocal V Tool Extension (includes chain tool).

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The V Tool extension is to be used alongside the Vocal V-Tool. The extension includes a chain tool, tyre lever and 10mm spanner, all neatly contained inside the unit itself. The V Tool extension fits right onto the bottom of your existing V-Tool, this not only means you can carry around every single tool you’ll ever need ( with the combination of the V Tool + Extension), it also adds extra leverage when undoing that stuck axle nut. The V Tool extension connects to the main V Tool with a supplied durable, knurled ( for easy unscrewing ) cap
  • Tube for storage
  • Top Cap with chain tool connection, comes out the tube and attaches to the cap
  • Bottom caps to connect to our main V tool  (supplied separately)
  • HD 1 1/8 single speed chain tool with pin guide.
  • 10mm spanner with tyre lever ( use 10mm to fit and remove chain pins)

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